Refreshing Lemon Balm

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Do you grow Lemon Balm on your Homestead?  
I think it is one of the most delicious and beneficial herbs we can have, and so easy to grow!  
As a member of the mint family, Lemon Balm spreads under the ground, and comes up year after year.  It is widely used both fresh and dried for a multitude of medicinal, as well as flavorful, purposes. Lemon Balm provides a calming effect, making it useful in treating anxiety, rapid heartbeat due to nervousness, and ADHD.  It also provides healing for cold sores, insect bites and tumors.  The refreshing lemon flavor makes it an easy addition to any dish, as well as a wonderful hot or cold tea.
If you aren’t familiar with Lemon Balm, look for it in your local herb store, or buy it online HERE . It is worth a try!
Here is my recipe for Lemon Balm Tea-
2 quarts or so of very hot, not boiling, water
1 generous handful of Lemon Balm leaves (available HERE), tied up into a cheese cloth or coffee filter bag
1 gallon pitcher of cool water, filled about 2/3 full
~Steep the Lemon Balm in the hot water for about 30 minutes. This lengthy steeping allows all of the beneficial oils from the leaves to be extracted into your tea. 
~Pour the hot tea into the pitcher of cool water.
Sweeten with Stevia or Honey if you choose, and pour over ice.  

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  1. My Lemon Balm is coming up like crazy! I'm glad to get a new recipe to try with it! Gotta run to my garden and pick some to make tea for breakfast!

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