An Amish Family: Four Stories- review

amish family

amish family

Amish Novellas are a favorite for me, and An Amish Family: Four Novellas has not let me down!  Bestselling  author Kathleen Fuller continues her writing success with these 4 heart warming romance stories. 

Building Trust, A Heart Full of Love, Surprised by Love, and A Gift for Anne Marie  will all delight and thrill the reader.  When I read Amish fiction I know the outcome will most likely be the same in every story-  love prevails.  That’s no surprise in these stories, but Ms. Fuller does an excellent job of creating trials and turmoil for each character to work through.  With God’s grace, the power of prayer, and strong Amish faith, each of these stories reminds us of what is important, and how we are to care for those we love.

I find it difficult to pick a favorite out of these 4 novellas, but possibly A Heart Full of Love works through one of the most difficult of daughter-mother relationships.  This struggle, and of course eventual resolve, reminds me how strong that bond can be.  

I think each of you would be delighted with all of the stories here- from  A Heart Full of Love’s turmoil and deep love, to the secret relationship in Building Trust, the match-making in Surprised by Love, and the unexpected changes in A Gift for Anne Marie–  this collection of Amish family stories is simply and beautifully written.  

If you would like to learn more about Kathleen Fuller or An Amish Family: Four Novellas,  you can click HERE!

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