Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas- review



Have you ever wondered about the traditions that we have around the Christmas season?  And how they relate to the real reason for Christmas?  This is something I have always found interesting.  In Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, author Ace Collins offers great learning.  

So many of us go through the Christmas season “checking off” our list of to-do’s-  a wreath, a tree, stockings, mistletoe, gift giving.  But do we ever stop to think about the meaning behind all those to-do’s?  They have much more to do with Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas than you might think.  The publisher of this book, Zondervan, gave me a wonderful opportunity to read and review this book.  And I have found it to be truly magical!  

I think you will find it interesting to read how our great traditions have spiritual meaning and lead to the meaning of the birth of Christ.  In this book there are real life stories, tales and wonderful reminders of the joy of Christmas. 

Mr. Collins has also written the book Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas.  

If you would like to see more about these books, you can click HERE!

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