Summer Mint Tea

Summer Mint Tea

Summer Mint Tea

Do you grow mint on your homestead?  We have tried several kinds over the years, but the most prolific has been one called “Plantation Mint”.   When I bought this, it was said to be from old, heirloom plants here in SC.   Honestly, it seems just like a general peppermint, but it’s delicious!  And wow, does it grow well!  

Many people tell you never to plant mint because it does spread, and can become invasive if you aren’t careful.  I learned this the hard way when I first planted it in my garden.  Since then, I have planted mint in an area where I wanted some ground cover. I also have great luck planting it in pots.  This helps me to control the spread!  

The other trick I have found to growing mint is to trim it often.  I like to cut it back, and then either immediately use the leaves, or dry or freeze them until I need them.  In the picture for this post, I have laid out some fresh cut stalks of mint leaves to dry them for future use as tea.  

One of my favorite uses is to make a delicious and refreshing mint tea.  Here is how I make it-

In 2 quarts of almost-boiling water,  steep 3 regular tea bags, a handful of fresh or dried mint leaves and 1/4 cup cane sugar (less if using stevia or another sweetener) for 45 minutes.  Use more or less mint or sugar to your taste. 

Strain and refrigerate.  Once cool, pour over ice, garnish with a fresh mint leaf and enjoy! 

Can’t grow mint on your homestead?  You can buy dried mint leaves HERE!  

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