Fig Season

Fig Season at One Ash

Fig Season at One Ash

When we moved to One Ash many years ago, there was what we considered a pretty big Fig tree by the shop.  We had not ever had a fig tree so this was exciting.  Over the years this tree has produced more figs than we could ever consume (150 lbs. one year!), and has probably tripled in size!  It’s been my challenge to figure out what to do with those figs every year! I have googled and tried all kinds of fig recipes–  lots and lots of fig jam and fig cakes.  Mr. One Ash likes to eat them right off the tree.  Each morning as I walk with my dog Emma, I pick a bowl full to take inside for breakfast.  We have given them away, had picking parties, and have even sold them at Farmers Market.   The only struggle is that Figs only last on this tree a couple of weeks before the wasps find them, or they all drop to the ground for the chickens and guineas to enjoy! 

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So here we are at Fig Season again- and my search for fig ideas starts again!  

fig close up

Do you enjoy figs?  How do you use them?  Please share your ideas in any of the comment sections!  

Here is a link to some good ideas on how to use Figs-   FIG RECIPE BOOKS on Amazon

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