Prone to Wander – review and giveaway

This is  worth checking out!  All of us are always looking for something unique and different to decorate with, or to give as gifts. I recently had the opportunity to receive a couple of items from Prone To Wander and their beautiful home collection.   With everything from canvas banners, to pillow covers, to awesome phone Read More


Refreshing Rosemary

    Rosemary is a multi-use, common herb that is easy to grow in your own garden.  Not only does it grow well in most soils, it can do well in either part shade, or full sun.  Another plus with Rosemary is that it grows year round and will also produce beautiful blue-lavender flowers several Read More

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Life Lessons in Golden Milk Tea

  I had always thought of turmeric as that “weird” flavor in Indian food that I didn’t like. So when I first heard of Golden Milk, it promised some good benefits, but I just couldn’t convince myself to try it because of the turmeric.  Oh, I love one of the other ingredients, ginger, and could Read More