Home On The Range- Book Review

Home on The Range, by Ruth Logan Herne and published by Mutnomah, is the heartwarming story of the survival of father and daughters.  Through the midst of tragedy and sadness, this wounded, yet protective, cowboy of a daddy, must find the balance and love from God to overcome difficult and trying circumstances.  As they all Read More


Book Review-Abundant Life in Jesus

Whether you are a new Christian just beginning your new life with Jesus Christ, or an experienced, life long Christian, this devotional, Abundant Life in Jesus, will renew your faith and  provide daily inspiration.  I loved reading the daily messages of how Jesus helps us get out of our old life, and move into an Read More


Book Review- Charlie The Tramp

This classic story,  Charlie The Tramp, has just been re-released to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary!  And just in time to be a story of life lessons and coming of age for young children.  After all, they can relate to Charlie’s desire to become a tramp. Who wouldn’t want to just head out with no responsibilities, Read More


Book Review- Cuba! Recipes and Stories from the Cuban Kitchen

What a delight!  This book is colorful, filled with absolutely DELISH and traditional Cuban recipes, and absolutely fabulous stories!  I have always enjoyed reading cookbooks (yes, I actually read them!) and this one has become a true favorite on my shelf.  Not only are the recipes easy to follow, absolutely authentically Cuban and tasty, the Read More