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Our Favorite Things Homesteading Store

So many of you have asked what we use and can’t live without around the homestead. As a continuing part of our mission to share what we’ve learned,  we decided to open up Our Favorite Things Homesteading Store.  Here you can link to Amazon to be able to purchase things that we use and think are Read More

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Thanksgiving Menu at One Ash

  If you haven’t planned your meal yet, here’s what’s on the Thanksgiving menu at One Ash.  I’ve been cooking this same menu for the past 25 years (has it really been that long? eeek!).  It hasn’t changed much over the years, and I love to cook for this holiday!  I hope our menu gives you Read More

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Natural Homemade Grout Cleaner

  I love having white tile counter tops.  But I have to admit that just a little bit of ignoring that white grout can create a really dirty looking kitchen. This homemade grout cleaner has proven to be just what I needed to get my counters looking shiny and clean again! I have used all Read More