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Blooming Too Soon

Do you want to jump into homesteading? Are you feeling bored and want a new adventure? Maybe you are impatient about marriage or having children. Are you looking around at other people and thinking “why are they doing that/having that and I’m not?”.  You could be feeling like you want to learn a new hobby Read More


Giveaway & Music Review- Kari Jobe The Garden

I don’t often get the chance to review music, so when I had the opportunity to review the just released CD  “In The Garden” from Kari Jobe I was intrigued.  I had never heard of  Grammy nominated artist Kari Jobe before so was really looking forward to hearing her worship through music. And I have to say, I Read More


Home On The Range- Book Review

Home on The Range, by Ruth Logan Herne and published by Mutnomah, is the heartwarming story of the survival of father and daughters.  Through the midst of tragedy and sadness, this wounded, yet protective, cowboy of a daddy, must find the balance and love from God to overcome difficult and trying circumstances.  As they all Read More