Tips & Tricks- Taming Cooler and Appliance Odor

 If you have ever closed up a cooler, freezer, or fridge when they aren’t in use, you are familiar with the odor and moisture that can gather. Sprinkling baking soda on
 the bottom is an easy trick to keep away the nasty odor that can develop 
while they are closed up.  But cleaning out that baking soda can
be a chore when you are ready to use the item again.  
This tip can help make clean up faster and still keep 
your appliance or cooler odor free~



Place a small towel (hand towel size is perfect) flat on the 
bottom of your cooler, freezer or fridge.  
Sprinkle baking soda heavily on the towel, keeping it 
away from the edges of the towel.
When it’s time to use your appliance or cooler, carefully fold up
the edges of the towel and remove it and all of the 
baking soda in one quick move!  
I hope this makes things easier!

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