Tips & Tricks- The Sifter

DIY SifterHow many times have you read a recipe, only to have
it call for something you can’t do in your kitchen.  
The sifter is a tool that used to be a staple item
in all kitchens, and is rare to find anymore.

If you have a recipe calling for sifted dry ingredients,
there is a reason. Sifting lightens the flour, mixes
the dry ingredients more thoroughly, and affects
the final texture of your baked goods.
Moms Copper Sifter
I still own and use this old copper sifter that my mother used
when I was growing up, and still remember to never, ever
wash it in water because the mesh will rust!  But if you
don’t have a sifter in your kitchen, grab a whisk, run it 
around through your dry ingredients, and you
can emulate the same action as a sifter.
Have fun with your next baking project!

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