Why I Will Never Fry Bacon Again

baked bacon

baked baconLet’s face it- bacon is one of the best things ever.  Whether it’s part of a big homesteaders breakfast so you can work the farm all day, unusual bacon jam, or a smoky slice wrapped around a shrimp for a fancy appetizer, the savory flavor is everywhere.  But if you have ever fried bacon (like grandma did, in the cast iron pan on top of the stove), you know that your house will have that lingering bacon aroma and your stove is an almost hopeless mess.  Thankfully, I have found an alternative to frying, and that’s why I will never fry bacon again!

Since I am always looking for new ideas in the kitchen, baking bacon was definitely something I wanted to try.  Since I have been so used to the splatters when frying, I waited until I knew it was oven cleaning time to try this experiment.  Much to my delight, I have no oven splattered grease to clean up!  And my house hasn’t smelled like fried bacon for a day!  And my poodle isn’t scared from that pesky smoke detector going off because of all the greasy steam created by stove top bacon frying!  Baking bacon is most definitely the way to go, and I will never fry bacon again!

To get crispy, perfectly cooked bacon that will make your family come running to say “that smells great, what are you cooking?”, try this easy method for baking bacon.  Enjoy!

Baked Bacon

Using a large cookie sheet (one with raised edges all the way around to catch the grease), lay your bacon pieces out flat on the cookie sheet.

 You can scrunch up the pieces to make them all fit- you know they are going to shrink as they cook.  

Place the uncovered cookie sheet of bacon into the oven at 350°.   

For perfectly crisp bacon, cook for 30 minutes. 


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