Tips & Tricks- Fruit Fly Catcher

Face it, no matter how clean and fresh we keep our fruits and vegetables, we all end up with those pesky fruit flies from time to time.  Sure you can just remove the offending produce, but how can you really catch those fruit flies and get them out of your kitchen?   Here’s the trick~

Pour some Apple Cider Vinegar in a small jar and cover it with cellophane wrap.  Tie it, rubber band it, whatever you have available. Poke several holes in the cellophane with a toothpick.  

Fruit Flies go in, but can’t come out!  
Tip~ make sure to empty this outside so the bugs leave your kitchen! 

2 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks- Fruit Fly Catcher

    Thanks so much. With all the fruit sitting on the counters in here waiting their turn for the canning pot, I'm constantly dealing with fruit flies.
    Must run now….to the pantry to fetch my Apple Cider Vinegar and a jelly jar. Those pesky little critters have to go!
    Another WONDERFUL TIP — Sincerely Appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

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