Pieces of the Past Cookbook Review


piecesWho doesn’t love some good, old fashioned recipes? Well, that’s just what the “Pieces of the Past” cookbook from Mrs. Non-Typical has.

From appetizer ideas to main meals to home cleaners & bath and body products, this cookbook is jammed full of 404 pages of recipes. Inspired with tips & thoughts throughout, this cookbook is a must have in every home.
What I really love about this book is that it stays true to it’s name, keeping in style of an old timey cookbook, but is so jam packed with recipes & ideas that you’ll never run out of things to make or do!

Need a quick appetizer? How about a hearty breakfast for your hard working family? Or maybe just a recipe for laundry detergent? You’re sure to find the perfect one in this book!

Sitting down with a good recipe book is one of my favorite things to do. So, when I was given the opportunity to receive and review a copy of Pieces of the Past Cookbook, by Mrs. Non-Typical,  I jumped at the chance.
I really enjoy a cook book that includes tips, helpful charts, and ideas for things other than just food that can be made in the kitchen.

Pieces of the Past, with its contributions from other homesteaders, certainly did not disappoint me when it came to providing all of those things, and more, in its contents.

With all of the information in this 400+ page book, this could easily be the only cookbook you will ever need in your home!
Of course, trying a few recipes is always part of the fun of reading a new cookbook. It was not easy to narrow it down for this post, but here are a few that we really enjoyed:
-Many of you may know that I enjoy “different” types of drinks- I have written about fruited kombuchas, homemade ginger ale and ginger beer, and homemade root beer– so it was a natural for me to try the Spiced Hot Chocolate. Reminiscent of Mexican-style chocolates, this warm drink is perfect for cold, winter evenings. With added cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and vanilla the spicy sweet of this hot chocolate is a treat for the tastebuds!
-Speaking of cold, winter days, how about a pot of Creamy Potato Soup?! It is so very easy with this recipe using canned potatoes and carrots. All you have to do is combine the goodness of ingredients and heat through to have a tummy warming meal for your family.
-Before we go outside to milk the cows and complete the homesteading chores, we like to enjoy a good breakfast. That fact, in combination with my love of all recipes Amish, made it a natural for me to be interested in Amish Century Griddle Cakes and Amish Pancakes. The pancake recipe, while delicious, was pretty typical, but the Amish Century Griddle Cakes are very unique. This griddle cake recipe uses kefir, yogurt or buttermilk to add substance to your usual cake. What a filling way to start our morning!
There are so many great recipes and ideas in the Pieces of the Past Cookbook that it will take me a while to get through them all. But, I will be reaching for this cookbook often in my kitchen!

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Note- I received a copy of this cookbook from the author in exchange for my honest review.



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