Essential Homesteader Skills

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essential skills (1)Homesteading is a fun adventure. But, it’s not just that. It’s a lifestyle. Nobody says it’s easy. Nobody says there aren’t days that you’ll want to just pack up and move to a condo on the beach. Trust me, I’ve had those days- I get it. I can tell you that there are things that make life a lot easier when you’re working on the farm. Sometimes, life can be going just wonderfully and then something comes about that then takes the rest of your day to figure out. That’s really when you need some of those “essential skills” you see plastered around the internet. For us, finding tips on how to accomplish seemingly easy tasks was near impossible (that’s one of the reasons we started our blog in the first place).  That’s why I’ve decided to scour the internet and make this ultimate essential skill resource list, on everything from butchering to gardening. Enjoy our list of Essential Homesteader Skills resources!  If you have any other resources you think should be on this list, make sure to comment below so I can add them!




Rabbit Slaughter ~ Part I : Preparation, Equipment & Dispatch by Life From Scratch

Butchering a Rabbit~ Part II: Eviscerating & Skinning by Life From Scratch

How To Butcher A Chicken by The Elliott Homestead

How To Butcher A Lamb by The Elliott Homestead

How To Butcher Pigs by The Elliott Homestead

Gardening & What To Do With What You Grow:

Grafting: The Best Way To Grow A Homestead Orchard by Small Town Homestead

“Flash Freeze” at Home by Life From Scratch

Hand Pollinating Squash by Life From Scratch

Using Free Soil to Start Seeds by Life From Scratch

The Basics of Canning Anything  by The Frugal Chicken

Fermenting Vegetables Demystified: The Basics of Fermenting Vegetables by The Frugal Chicken

Protect Cold Weather Crops With A Cold Frame by Tenth Acre Farm

(Almost) Free Cold Frames by Provident Home Companion

The Art Of Seed Saving by Pioneer Settler

Prevent Garden Pests Safely with Neem Oil by One Ash Homestead

Preserving Green Beans- Leather Britches by One Ash Homestead

Cooking/Baking With Natural/Fresh Food:

Easy Soft Cheese by One Ash Homestead

Peach Peel Jelly by One Ash Homestead

Life & Blackberry Syrup by One Ash Homestead

6 {Easy} Things To Do With Raw Milk by One Ash Homestead

Homemade Yogurt by One Ash Homestead

My Sourdough Experiment by One Ash Homestead


 Animal Husbandry:

10 Commandments of Good Animal Husbandry by Life From Scratch

What You Really Need To Hand Milk A Cow (or Goat) by One Ash Homestead

Bottle Feeding Calves: The Costs by One Ash Homestead

Three Things You Need To Bottle Feed Baby Cows (AKA Calves) by One Ash Homestead

Taking Care of Calves by One Ash Homestead

Picking a Family Milk Cow by One Ash Homestead

Picking a Family Milk Cow – The Round-Up by One Ash Homestead

Starting A Homestead/Life On The Homestead:

The Cost of Setting Up A Homestead by Our Simple Life 

Urban Garden, Small Scale Farm, or Country Living by Day’s Ferry Organics

A Day of Homestead Living by The 104 Homestead

21 Tips To Start Your Homestead Right by Just Plain Marie

Homestead Tools & Buildings:

Changing Your Shovel Handle by Grace Garden and Homestead

Guide To Designing the Perfect Chicken Coop by Our One Acre Farm

Restoring an Old Fuel Tank by Grace Garden and Homestead

The Homestead Barn (Important Questions Before Building) by Better Hens and Gardens

15 More Awesome Chicken Coop Ideas and Designs by Pioneer Settler

New Roof On The Old Barn by One Ash Homestead

Off-Grid Living:

Potty Training With An Outhouse by Grace Garden and Homestead

Lessons From Off-Grid Living by Cam Mather

Solar Hot Water Round #2 by Off-Grid Homestead

Wells & Alternative To Water Wells by The Homestead Survival

How To Build An Outhouse DIY by The Homestead Survival

 More Resource Lists:

30 Must-Have Items For Every Homestead (+ A FREE Printable) by One Ash Homestead

9 Ways to Make Money On The Homestead by One Ash Homestead

121+ Skills For The Modern Homestead by The Prairie Homestead

133 Homesteading Skills Every Homesteader Should Know by Pioneer Settler

40 Essential (and Easy) Homesteading Skills You Can Learn By Video by The Frugal Chicken

Top 5 Homesteading Skills Every ‘Prepper’ Must Learn by Rural Living Today

101 Basic Homesteading Skills by “Granny Miller” Katherine Grossman (on Mother Earth News)

15 Skills Every Homesteader Should Know by Survival At Home

46 Pioneer Skills For The Modern Homesteader by Backdoor Surival

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Do you have a resource to add? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list!



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